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How Ticket simplified their relevance in every customer contact
Relevance in every customer contact

Ticket is the biggest private travel agency chain in the Nordic region, with customers in every target group and with many unique travel patterns. With a full range of products and highly-skilled travel agents we can fill the needs of different customers and sell the right trip to the right customer. Our prominence in digital channels creates high demands on us as an organization.

We must overcome the challenge of digital channels but also between online and brick-and-mortar. One of the challenges is to be relevant in every customer interaction across all channels for each individual in each of our target groups. In several digital channels, we need to know even before we communicate what is relevant for each specific customer. The challenge is to continue to be top-of-mind to the customer so that they return for their next purchase.

With Symplify we send commercial communications to our customers. The newsletters are based on every customer’s Ticket history, such as past trips, already-booked travels and information about future trips. Symplify has helped to create dynamic content for each recipient, which means that we can focus more on strategy and analysis in order to offer our customers relevant content.

Newsletters are a very important channel for us to contribute sales in other channels. Therefore, it is important that everyone within the organization knows what we communicate digitally so that the customer gets the same experience regardless of which kind of contact that customers has with Ticket. To get the whole picture, we connect all our channels and measure the sales that the newsletters contribute to, even in other channels such as via telephone.

 Dynamic and relevant content
Unique measurement of sales in other channels
Increased activity in our channels

Symplify has helped us to develop our communication and dialog with our customers. We use the email channel to connect our booking channels and are able to, with the help of each email address, identify the customers in all channels. By working with automatic and dynamic content we have both increased relevance for our customers and freed up more time that we can put on strategy and analysis. We can see positive effects of the activities we have done and are working continuously with optimization.

Our newsletters are sent out by the local Ticket office and the travel agent as the sender. The content is based on where the customer traveled from, for example, information from the customer’s nearest airport is presented. We notice that local newsletters with that localization results in a higher degree of opened e-mails, and for every such mailing we see an increase in activity in all of our channels.

"With Symplify, we don't need to sacrifice the relationship and the personal touch even though we automate the content and processes."


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