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Marketing  Automation Company changes name to Symplify 

30 October 2018

Marketing  Automation Company, Compost Marketing and its sub-brands unite under one name - Symplify.

For almost twenty years, Compost Marketing has simplified and enabled cross-channel marketing automation platform in their platform Carma Marketing Hub.

“We have operated under a variety of names and brands over the years. It was time to unify us under one name as it will strengthen our position as market leader and as a global platform. With our new name Symplify, we believe it embodies our vision, our platform and our services”, says Robert Kimber, CEO of Symplify.

Our vision is to simplify creative communication.


The companies pride has always been in working with customers that value the simplicity of reaching out in a vast amount of channels and creating advanced customer journeys. The focal point still lies with customers that have high demands of complexity, yet need for in-house usability.

“This changes nothing and yet everything. Our platform Carma Marketing Hub still remains the same for now, however - we have some fantastic features ready to launch in the near future”, continues Robert Kimber, CEO of Symplify.


Symplify operates from Stockholm, Montreal, Toronto, Hong Kong, Malta and Copenhagen and cater to customers worldwide.


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