Journeys will take you to new places

Create advanced Customer Journeys and visualize your customer communication across eight channels. Create advanced flows of messages and splits to help you manage the expectations of your customers.

One content editor to rule them all

With the Content Editor, you can create, edit and manage your content in a single user-friendly drag-and-drop editor for all your channels. Your work will not only be fun, it will be easy too.

Attentive audiences require segmentation

Segmenting your data gives you the ability to serve the right content to your contacts in all channels. Use the same segments in all channels and in different layers! Simply drag the segment you created and snap it to the content you wish to personalize. Easy as one two three…

Asking questions is the source of all knowledge

Make Survey a part of your customer experience and use submitted responses in real time to further improve your 1:1 personalisation strategy. The integrated survey will give you endless possibilities getting insight and using this information to further improve your communication

The one thing that will save your skin

Multi-layer skins are a game changer. Imagine the time and energy you will save by managing the entire design and specific content of all your sendouts through an advanced configuration of skins. The skins are structured in layers, creating a hierarchy where you can manage the design and content elements like magic. It works in real-time and update all outbound messages.


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