Symplify Conversions research suite gives your the power to really understand your website vistitors in a way that was not before possible.

Symplify Conversion is your complete research suite

Heatmaps & Scrollmaps

Collect visitor clicks all over your website, and analyze it visually in order to understand what you visitors actually needs and expects as well as hot zones and cold zones on your website.

Visitor Recordings

Get an anonymous over the shoulder view of each visitor on your website. This is a completely vital tool for understanding visitor behaviour for the modern web analyst.


Ask your visitors what they think of your service / company / website or anything else. With Symplify Conversions surveys you get very high respons rates and the surveys are easy to build.

All research in one platform

With Symplify Conversion you can conduct all your on-site research in one powerful platform.

Comprared to using different tools for every aspect this gives first of all better website performance as you only need on script.

For you and your analytics team it also means not having to log into and learn different platforms. But it also means that cross analyzing againts experiement are childs play.

The power of having it all in one tool cannot be overestimated enough!

Heatmaps & Scrollmaps

With Heatmaps & Scrollmaps you can easily start collecting data about how your visitors are actually using your website.

You can also download screenshots, view your visuals in different devices and see heatmap information for each variation in an A/B test.

Symplify Conversion's heatmaps are also dynamic, meaning moving content on your website will be represented correctly.

Visitor Recordings

Using Visitor Recordings is like a kind of super power. You get to see exactly how any of your visitors behaved on your website, like you were sitting right beside them.

This gives you the possiblility to really understand your visitors in a deeper way.

With Symplify Conversion's audience feature, you can make sure you are only recordings the visitors that you are interested in. You can also filter the results after collecting the recordings in order to only view recordings that interests you.


With Symplify Conversion's surveys you can create both simple and complex surveys in minutes, and get answers on your most important questions.

Survey answers is collected by our platform, or can be sent directly to your system or platforms like mailchimp with our custom api connection.

Enterprise Service & Support

We empower you as you power up your sales. Our mission is to make sure you get everything you need to take your conversion testing to the next level.


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