Every customer is unique. No two customers consumes content the same way. Your channel hierarchy should be driven by your consumers behavior, nothing else. Symplify supports 8 unified message channels all from one single platform.

Time is your most valuable commodity and should be invested into creating revenue engine marketing communication. Not switching tools.


The workhorse still delivering the best ROI out there. Create campaign and transactional emails, dynamic and self-optimizing content available on demand.


Send print articles to your most valued customers. With a sky high opening rate the print channel is enjoying a renaissance. Track your response via onboard QR code application.

Web Push

Now you can Pop Up when your customer is on site. Communicate with your customers as never before during the critical points of sale and site use.


Rich content keeping you at the top of every SMS inbox. SMS has been revolutionised, join the revolution. Video, image and rich content as standard.


Close the loop on with the Social channel. Create Facebook and Google  audiences in the platform to confirm or re-affirm your marketing efforts in your customers social channels.


Reach out with audio or the brand ambassadors voice straight into your customers handset. Voice can be a critical piece of your marketing communication.

App push

The cost effective mobile channel that puts you on top of the customer's device screen. House full rich content in your App Push on demand.

Dynamic Web

Don’t wait, create. Dynamic Web gives you the power to create and edit your own landing pages in minutes.

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