We don’t believe in duct tape as a way to build a solid multi-channel platform.
Symplify is unique in the way that it is ONE platform, built from the ground up, with all its components in one sleek package.

One Content Editor to unite them all

What if you could create all your content in the same Editor? Wouldn’t that make your creative process well - more creative? Fret not, this is exactly what we had in mind when designing our platform. With Symplify, there is one editor for all channels. So, without further ado, let us introduce the Symplify channels.


Nothing like a piece of paper to show you care

Our print solution offers a unique and easy way to graphically create and work – without the workload of InDesign or other complex programs. You create your print send outs as easy as you create your emails – simple and hassle-free.

Dynamic web

Create personal landing pages in a jiffy

Dynamic web pages is a game changer for any business needing to create temporary landing pages, personalized information and events.
Using Dynamic Web, you are now able to offer tailored (100% personalized) content instantly to individual users. Save time! Create value! What are you waiting for?


I just called to say...

Whatever it is you want to say - do it with Voice. This is adding a whole new dimension to your communication. With the sound of voice, you will be able to speak directly to your customers, conveying your message and enabling real time response by using the keypad. The possibilities are endless – go get it!


Target ads helps you use social channels in a new way

Use all the knowledge and data from your Symplify platform to target your customers with relevant ads on Facebook and Google adword.
Not only will you be more relevant, but you can also reach further and find look-a-like audiences to identify new customers.


A short message at the right time gives endless possibilities

There is only so much one can convey with 160 characters. Want to communicate with, or update, your customer on the fly? What better way to do so than sending a SMS?
With Symplify, you can use dynamic web landing pages to keep your message personal while still using the strength of SMS as a prioritised channel.


The ill-fated channel that still delivers the best ROI

A traditional channel with a lot of potential. Email is considered one of the strongest outbound digital channels available. It not only offers a powerful output but the follow up possibilities are next to limitless. This will most likely be one of the strongest channels in your communication flow - and it’s usually the channel where it all begins.

App push

Keep your app center of attention

App push notifications will keep your app front and center as part of the unique user experience.
Why not take it one step further with rich content, a unique feature to send notifications with any kind of content such as dynamic landing pages, video, audio etc. You name it, you can add it!


Enhance the customer experience in real time

With Inapp, you can reach each user while they are in your app.
Guide, request, notify, inform or update users depending on the situation. This has proven to be an excellent channel when onboarding customers for their first experience in your app and also, the perfect complement for App push.
Give it a try!


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