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Speak to us today and find out why no two customers consume content the same way. Message medium has never been more important, and with Symplify, multi channel communication has never been easier to create. Alternate your message seamlessly between 8 different channels, all from one editor; Email, SMS, Social, App Push, Print, Inapp, Dynamic Landing Pages and Voice.


From idea to income

Contact us and get inside knowledge of how to set up your on-boarding self-optimizing customer journey with just one click. Get a segmentation engine at the tip of your fingers that allows you to drill down using any metric you want. Gather conversion feedback from the very first communication and let Symplify self-optimize.

No nonsense compliance

Let us give you peace of mind with our out-of-box GDPR compliance, enabling you to stay on the right side of the line with regulation. Using our “SendGate” technology, you’ll never send the wrong promotion to the wrong customer again as we verify against your system in real time. 

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Cross-channel communication the easy way

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